If you are a Physician Assistant in the UK why not register today?

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The PA MVR was jointly established in June 2010, by the UK Association of Physician Assistants (UKAPA) in conjunction with the UK and Ireland Universities Board for Physician Assistant Education (UKIUBPAE). The primary purpose of this joint venture towards statutory regulation of the PA profession is to provide public protection and safety, set standards for education and development and to protect the PA title. Prior to establishment of the PA MVR, a temporary list of UK-based PAs was held by UKAPA.

The PA MVR is managed by the Physician Assistant Managed Voluntary Registration Commission (PAMVRC), a sub-group of UKAPA, with administrative support from St George's University of London. Work towards statutory regulation is underway. The ultimate decision regarding the eventual registering body for PAs will be made by the government.

This website has been established to provide information regarding the PA profession to the general public, PAs, other healthcare professionals and employers, as well as to provide access to the PA register, policies and procedures. We strongly encourage all UK-based physician assistants to join the PA MVR, as this will form the initial list of PAs to enter a statutory register when it is established.